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Booth Backdrops We LOVE

We are constantly on Pinterest pouring over gorgeous photo booth backdrops. Here are a couple of our favs.

Fabulously Festive

Simple, chic and really simple. Perfect for a fun outdoor event. We like the idea of ditching the white all together and letting the natural background show through.

Festive Photo Booth Backdrop with Banners

Subtle Safari

A couple of potted palms, some cheetah print and binoculars and BOOM, backdrop perfection.

Safari Photo Booth Background

More than the Basic Blackboard

This is a fresh take on the the chalkboard backdrop trend. It is just so, dare we say it, elegant.

Blackboard Background Photo Booth

Are you ready to think out of the box for your special event? Give us a call today and we will customize a backdrop just for you! Don't worry, we have some ideas! See if your date is available here.

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