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In My Day Photo Booths Were in Boxes

Many of us remember a photo booth as an enclosed, curtained box at the mall where we would cuddle up with our sweetheart or maybe cram all of our friends in for a group photo. Here’s the thing, photo booths have really evolved since we were kids! Now when you rent a photo booth you have many more choices. One of the critical decisions you will make is is whether to choose an open air photo booth or an enclosed one.

Enclosed Photo Booth

An enclosed photo booth has similar characteristics to the nostalgic booths from the past. The setups vary slightly from company to company, but usually they have several pipes with curtains draped around it to create a tent-like set-up. The camera and printer or placed in a pod or stacked boxes that faces a small backdrop. They can typically hold 2 to 5 people and, since the camera is extremely close to your guests, the picture only captures facial images. They do provide a more private environment than an open booth.

Open Air Photo Booth

When my daughter and I decided to go into the photo booth business, we were determined to take everything we love about photo booths and make them better. First we eliminated the heavy looking dingy curtains and the worn looking boxes. In their place is a clean and modern unit that houses a studio quality camera and strobe, a touch screen display and state of the art printer. There are no curtains and no boxes! Given enough space, we can photograph your guests from head to toe. These photo booths are built for inclusion. If the bride or groom would like to photo bomb the picture, they should be able to!

“ Your open air photo booth was so much fun. The pictures were great and we could fit so many friends in the photos, the last wedding we attended had an enclosed booth. It was too small and the camera is like a foot from your face. Not my idea of fun."

- EE Client

Obviously, I am a little bias, but if you feel like open air is the best option for you, please note that not all companies that provide this option are the same. Many companies take the easy route, a camera on a tripod and a printer on a table. Sure this gets the job done, but at Everyday Elegance we think photo booths can be better. When guest choose our booth, they choose it because it looks amazing. See everything we have to offer on our website

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