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How to Pick A Great Photo Booth In STL

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Most people think of a photo booth as a small black box that fits a couple of people and prints a small photo. With the evolution of technology, the modern photo booth has grown in size, can accommodate lots more people, and has enhanced digital capabilities. Feeling overwhelmed? You are not alone! Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect photo booth rental company for your special event.

A Photo Booth is About Having Fun

The obvious byproduct of the photo booth is its ability to record some awesome memories of your special event, but just as important is your guests enjoyment of the booth. The photo booths appearance, variety and quality of props, and the ability of the photo booth’s attendants make a huge difference.

At Everyday Elegance Photo Booth we pride ourselves in setting up a great looking, modern, elegant photo booth that will be visually appealing to your guests. We use a large variety of quality props that can be customized to your event. Then we staff the photo booth with two high quality, trained attendants to make sure the environment for you and your guests is entertaining and fun. The attendants also create an unbelievable archival memory book of the great photo booth pictures for you to remember all the fun!

You Should Look Good

A great photo booth should produce great pictures! The type of camera used, lighting, and the ability of the staff determine the quality of your photo booth pictures. Whatever you do, avoid companies that use webcams. These produce low quality results.

Sarah Laurentius, the owner of Everyday Elegance Photo Booth is a professional photographer with a keen understanding of photography and design. Sarah uses a high quality Canon DSR Digital Camera and professional quality lighting to create fantastic pictures. Sarah takes the time to completely understand the theme of your event to help you choose the perfect backdrop, props, picture template, and ambiance for great pictures!

One Size Does Not Fit All

Not all events are the same and not all photo booths are the same either. Companies offer a variety of different ad ons and options for you to choose from. If your guests are young and tech savvy, consider a booth that has animated GIFs. If your theme is traditional and elegant, find a booth that offers vintage style photo booth strips printed. Watch out for hidden pricing. Often booths will have a bare bones basic package and anything more unique will cost an arm and a leg.

At Everyday Elegance Photo Booth we make sure that you and your guest’s experience with our booth fits your definition of fun. You can choose between the traditional photo booth strip style or 4x6 postcard prints. We can create animated GIFs of your guest’s pictures for them to share. Your guests can even visit our iPad sharing station after their session to view digital copies of their photos, then email the pictures to themselves or share to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Need a picture for everyone in the group? Guests can reprint their pictures on the iPad sharing station so everyone in the photo can have a copy. Finally, to make the photo booth even more fun, your guests can watch all the photos being taken on an entertaining flat screen slide show. Whew! That is a lot. Here is the thing, ALL of those options are included under 1 price.

So what makes a great photo booth? An entertaining and fun experience, with great pictures, and plenty of options!

How do you find one in St. Louis? Check out Everyday Elegance Photo Booth ( and on Facebook. We will make the set up experience fun and easy. No packages to choose from or extra costs for options. At Everyday Elegance Photo Booth everything is always included. Hope to talk to you soon!

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